What If Water Heaters Were Smart?

An Untapped Opportunity: Imagine 100M+ Smart Water Heaters

Residential consumers in the United States spend $32B annually on water heating energy, the 2nd largest load in the home. Of that, 20-50% of energy input is wasted via standby loss, and more from too-high setpoints.

Smart water heaters represent a major utility Demand Side Management resource that is largely overlooked. Rocky Mountain Institute estimates that smart water heater load management can reduce grid costs by $3.6B a year across the US.

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The Aquanta Difference

Networked, Smart Home Enabled

  • 2-way communications with remote software update capability
  • Cloud-cloud data exchange via APIs

Unique Analytic Capabilities

  • Proprietary analytic capabilities discern local and fleet usage patterns that enable powerful data analysis and control functions
  • Factory-calibrated, highly accurate on-board power metering for reliable M&V

Electric and Gas Water Heater Versions

  • Retrofittable to 60-85% of water heater installed base

Easy Installation

  • Less than 15 minute install

Utility Value Proposition

Meet EE Mandates

  • Device auto-control and manual scheduling settings
  • Identify related saving opportunities
  • Peer comparisons for behavioral management

Demand Side Management Capability

  • Peak shave, load shift and DG load balancing
  • Enable Time of Use and other variable pricing
  • Leverage water heater thermal storage potential

Real-Time and Predictive Analytics

  • Increase value of water heaters as dispatchable resource
  • Correlate water heating load with grid needs

Aquanta Analytics and Fleet Tools

Aquanta Analytics and Fleet Tools