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Product Description

Important Compatibility Information

Be sure that you have a WiFi router with reasonable signal strength where your water heater is located. If your WiFi isn’t always on, your Aquanta can’t talk to you!

Aquanta works with most residential and small commercial storage-style water heaters—the most common type in the US and Canada—but please double-check the below before purchasing.


  • Electric water heaters
  • Natural gas water heaters with electronic ignition controls, including:
    • All power-vented models (powered by a plug into a wall outlet)
    • Atmospheric-vented models with the following controls:

*Aquanta is not affiliated with Honeywell International Inc. or Emerson Electric Co.

Not Compatible

  • Atmospheric-vented natural gas water heaters models with old-style, mechanical controls:
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Tankless or instantaneous water heaters
  • Boiler-fed water heaters
  • “Combi” systems


Purchasers are responsible for ensuring that Aquanta and its installation are compliant with all relevant local codes and regulation.

If you are planning to self-install your Aquanta, please acquaint yourself with the instructions on the Installation page to make sure you are comfortable with the process before proceeding.